Banff Yoga Festival 2017 has ended
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Stacy L Inkpen

Medicine Hat AB
Hello all! I am a 45 year old with an amazing partner on his own journey & mom of 5 special needs complex children on the ASD spectrum for 23 years! I practice Accutonics & massage therapy, as well teach life coaching , whole body health & wellness, a practicing Yogi for 30 years now specializing in PTSD transformation & recovery.
I teach and run meditation classes for self healing and reflection.
I freelance in order to baseline my work from my home studio as a specialist and healer therapist dedicating my time with my children, when they are not in school.
I practice many modalities including : Mediumship, Reiki , Shawmanism healing and shamanic arts of the elements, botanical and herbal nature, Crystal therapy, drumming , and sound therapy to include Tibetin singing bowls & Accutonics, Animal health transferance & healing, Tarot & Tree of life, tea readings, Accutonics / acupressure & Massage therapy. I encompass & practice a gammot of modalities & incorporate all of these as a baseline to all of my teacher training & Yogic Healer modalities.
For many years now i have been using intuitive body healing talk work and mediation practices in my flow classes.
I am an intuitive Medium using my gifts to help others that come into my life .
During coaching sessions with students we can explore a way to open and passionately help them find their own inner Journey & spiritual centre so thier compass may point towards thier Own True North.