Banff Yoga Festival 2017 has ended
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Trish Tutton

Trish Tutton
Meditation & Yoga Instructor
Banff, Alberta
Trish has practiced yoga for a decade and loves teaching flow, yin and meditation. Trish teaches yoga for real life. If yoga is a calm and steady mind, then the real yoga is discovered in the face of a challenge, whether it’s on our mats or in everyday life. Her passion is helping her students find the seated-ness of their mind in a challenging posture, so they can find the same calm and steadiness in an argument with their spouse, bumper to bumper traffic, in times of heartache and in the chaos that can be real, messy, imperfect life. Trish’s classes take yoga seriously, but encourage us not to take ourselves too seriously. They are infused with inspiring quotes, poetry and time to breathe, sit and let it all sink in.  

When she’s not teaching yoga, you might find her skiing, hiking, camping, reading or travelling to conference and event stages across the country where she speaks about how the transformative practice of mindfulness can help us reduce stress and burnout at work, and be happier and more effective.

Trish is thrilled to be able to share the teachings that have been instrumental in helping her live a more purposeful life with any willing and ready student.