Banff Yoga Festival 2017 has ended
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Terri McCollum

I was influenced early in life by the practice of yoga, my first classes were after school at 11 years old. In my adolescence and teen years I became very fascinated by different tools for self discovery and expansion of thought. This is what most certainly led me to pursue meditation and inspired interest in Indian philosophy. As a teeanger I found the practice of asana to be a great compliment to my other physical activities, and meditation a tool for calming and focusing my busy mind.
At 19 I took my first trip to India to study more deeply and intensely the practice and philosophy of yoga. That first trip took me to a number of Ashrams in Southern India. I developed a keen desire to know more about the history, language and culture surrounding yoga. This fascination led me to complete my studies in Asian religion and South Asia and to make several subsequent trips to India.
Over the years I have been blessed to have the opportunity to practice with many wonderful teachers in the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions. My personal practice is based in the Ashtanga tradition but I am strongly influenced by the Iyengar and therapeutic practice.
In my teaching I draw upon many influences but really encourage a practice unique to the individual. I truly believe that practice itself, of all the limbs, is the true teacher and I hope to inspire and nurture my students to cultivate their own yoga sadhana.