Banff Yoga Festival 2017 has ended
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Jilaine Beddoe

Junction 9 Studio
Jilaine is a yoga & meditation teacher, entrepreneur as Co-owner of Junction 9 Yoga + Pilates, and lululemon athletica Legacy Ambassador. Yoga for me is about connecting with people, learning how to get to a level with someone where habits, excuses, and patterning can all be brought into the light to help personal growth. It is about guiding one another to find our own unique voice in our lives to experience something real, with self and with one another. I love going deeper, and getting to uncover and peel back the layers of self that had been built up over the years. Without light there is no dark, without masculine no feminine, without strength no softness can be found. I am so grateful for the many teachers I have come across and been able to learn from. I am so grateful to have a studio to call home, a place to share in a community and a space that you all feel welcome in. Growth has become my reason, my answer and my questions. It sustains my why’s when I inquire about my life’s purpose. My classes therefor are about getting to the bottom, the root, the beginning and clearing the way so there is room to create from that authentic place. I have a big desire to support growth in others, while I do the work to grow within myself. If it is done with love and in health I am in the right place. I have found the deepest most profound experiences in growth to be on my mat, my hope is that together we get to a place, where you find this too. I look forward to seeing you, and going there together.