Banff Yoga Festival 2017 has ended
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Fabienne Moser

Canadian Alpine Ski Team
Banff, Alberta
Fabienne was born and raised in Banff. After graduating from the Banff Community High School she moved to Edmonton where she completed both a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta.
Fabienne’s philosophy of treatment is that injuries occur from not only trauma but also dysfunctional movement. She believes assessing global movement patterns and identifying dysfunctional movement patterns is key to understanding pain or dysfunction. She uses a variety of hands-on techniques including manual therapy, functional dry needling/IMS, soft tissue release, and exercise based therapy. The goal of these treatments is to individually guide patients in resolving their pain, restoring and optimizing movement, and preventing further injury.
Fabienne competed in many sports including alpine ski racing, gymnastics and varsity level pole vaulting. She also enjoys traveling, yoga and training in Crossfit. It is her love for people and sports that made her choose a career in physiotherapy as well as work with the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.